Grocery Deals 3/25/11

I did end up going to the grocery store today. I did much better than I have done with my “couponing” and I wanted to document it and also share the best deals that I got so others can get them. I had trouble finding some of the things that I read about on other blogs, but overall I did pretty well. I spent $172 total at all the stores I went to. This included Kroger, Walmart & Rite Aid.

I stocked up on diapers (which I used $9.50 in coupons on) at Rite Aid for Kameron and the baby since they were having a deal where you spend $40 on Kimberly Clark products and get $10 in Up Rewards for a later purchase. I didn’t have a Rite Aid rewards card, so I got one. I am still a little unsure of how to use the rewards, but I ended up with $14 for later purchases! Plus, if I take their survey online I can get $3 off my next $15 purchase. So basically, it sounds like I’ll be able to get $17 of free merchandise when I go next time. This would be awesome!

At Kroger I saved 53% which I think is pretty good. My best deals are listed below:

Free: 6 boxes of Ronzoni Pasta (it’s on sale for 49 cents a box with the buy 10/get $5 off and then I used coupons for $1 off 2 boxes); 2 cans Crushed Red Gold Tomatoes (on sale for 49 cents each with a coupon for $1 off 2)

Other good deals: French’s Spicy Brown Mustard (part of the buy 10 and a Kroger coupon); American Cheese Slices (part of the buy 10 plus a coupon for $1 off); GM Cereals (some of these are on sale and with coupons they are good prices); Jazz Apples are 99 cents a pound; 2 whole fryer chickens for under $10 total; Ritz Munchable Pretzel Crackers for 99 cents each (part of the buy 10 special, plus coupons for $1 off each box); Naturemade Vitamin D $10.99 for 2 bottles (BOGO free, plus $1 off NM Vitamin D, plus $3 off any NM product)

The other things I bought were good prices for the items, but nothing special. The above were my best Kroger purchases!

At Walmart I didn’t have as much luck with great deals, but I did use a lot of coupons. My best deals are below:

Under $1: Ken’s Salad Dressing (92 cents each with coupon); Kikkoman Soy Sauce (74 cents with coupon); Mentos Gum (29 cents with coupon); Uncle Ben’s Rice (54 cents with coupon); Totino’s pizzas ($1 each after coupon); Suave Deodorant (47 cents after coupon)

A couple of other deals (to me anyway!): 4 cans Campbell’s Chunky Soup ($1.30 each after coupon); 3 boxes Hamburger/Chicken Helper ($1.25 a box after coupon); 46 ounce cans V8 ($1.54 each after coupon)

So, you be the judge. Did I get some good deals? Any suggestions on how to do even better? I’d love to be able to buy a cart full of groceries for $10, but I just don’t understand how to do it! It seems like there are just too many things that we need that aren’t on sale or that I can’t find coupons to get. Some things I just never see coupons for. Let me know if I’m missing something! Have a wonderful day! :)

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  1. Kristin says:

    Good job!

    Rite Aid has the best deal on milk. And as you accumulate points/rewards on your card, you start saving a blanket percentage on most every purchase, including milk. As the points/rewards accumulate, your savings percentage goes up. I get all my diabetes perscriptions there so I have been saving 20% for awhile. Also – when you get those UP dollars to spend on your next purchase you can divide your order and make multiple purchases so you can use them in the same trip. For instance, let one purchase be the $40 you spend in diapers and then use the $10 UP rewards you get from that to pay for anything else you wanted to buy.

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