My Current Wishlist

Still no baby yet, though I’m feeling more and more ready everyday! Everytime I feel a pain or something funny I think, “oh, it might be time!” So far it hasn’t been though.

Yesterday, I was dreaming a little and made up a list of things I’m wishing for right now. Several of these things have been on the list for awhile, but we just can’t afford them. Some are newish wants. And, no matter how much gets done on my “around the house” list I will always be able to think of more, I’m sure! My biggest wish is to be out of debt, but it seems to keep moving farther and farther out of reach. Just paid bills and balanced the checkbook this morning and now I’m thinking maybe I shoudn’t go to the grocery store…even if I have a lot of money saving coupons. I know I’ll want to purchase more than I can while I’m there and I hate to feel like that. We really do need some things though and payday is 2 weeks off, so we’re going to have to do it somehow. We’re also waiting for our tax refund still. We sent all our stuff to my dad very early and he filed them on February 16, but since we did the first time homebuyer’s credit we won’t get our refund until the end of April. That really stinks because that is how we are going to buy the van that our expanding family really needs! I find myself dreaming most of things just working out so that we can do what we need to. I have thought more and more of trying to make some things. I just feel like I don’t have enough time and I need to be doing more with the children, not sewing. I’m not sure how some of the homeschooling crafting parents, whose blogs I read, get so much done. I wish I could figure it out! Anyone want to buy something handmade? Still trying to figure out the yardsale date and time. We also need to haul some more scrap metal for money (by we, I of course mean Kody!) and those two things would help for sure.

Alright, I’m done whining for now. Here’s my wishlist:

Things to purchase (or have given to us, haha)
Sectional Couch
Queen Mattress
Queen bedding
New carseat for Kameron – the one he’s in is way too old and I want to get rid of it so he’s safer.
New carseat for baby K – we have an infant one borrowed, but if I get rid of the one Kameron is in, I’ll need the next size.
Some type of window coverings that look nice for the Living room and Office
A Desk for Kody
Baseboards for the office
A bathtub or shower for the second bathroom

Things to get done
hang my clothesline – to save money on drying!
work on the second bathroom so it’s useable
build a new kitchen table and chairs, 6 regular height and 1 tall chair (I have the plans picked out!)
build a new school table, ours is falling apart again. It’s just too old.
Finish some painting of objects and rooms
finish the living room cabinets and make an open style bench for under the window
Start the garden!!
Tear down the barns and clean up debris
Make a wood frame for a large map for the office wall

Pave or gravel in the driveway, cost for this is anywhere from $500-$2600
Have someone disc up the garden space so we CAN get it tilled and started
Haul metal away for cash :)

As you can see, my wishlist is pretty high in price. I hope some of these things will at least get done this year! Pray for money and sanity! ;)

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