Blessed be the Name of The Lord

This morning was a rough one at church. I can’t say that I got much out of the worship service because I was dealing with Taylor for most of it.* What I did get was this song. It is not new to me and I have liked it since the first time I heard it, but singing it this morning made me feel better. I decided that it’s my theme song right now. No matter what’s going on in my life or our finances or anything else, I will CHOOSE to say BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! It’s all about Him and I am going to remember that. Take a listen if you haven’t ever heard this song:

*I know that I’ve said this several times, but Taylor is my screamer. She screams for no reason and has a very big attitude. I thought she was starting to get a little better, but lately I think she has gotten worse. This morning at church she spent the whole first half of the service talking and kicking the pew in front of us and bugging Kristopher and flipping loudly through a hymnal. I was already frustrated with all of that, so when it came time for the kids to go to e-worship and she refused, I was done. I took her out and told her that she had to go to e-worship so that I could listen to the sermon and that if she didn’t she would be in trouble. She eventually (after arguing with me) chose to go to e-worship and then screamed when we got there. I left her screaming with a couple of my friends and I felt so terrible that they were having to deal with it. I walked back to the sanctuary, but could still hear her screaming, and I’m sure everyone else could too, so I walked back. My friend stopped me before she saw me and they did end up calming her down. I sat in a doorway and cried and prayed because I just don’t have any idea what to do and I feel so alone. I go to church alone with the kids every week and that is hard. I refuse to quit going though and they will go with me. I want my children to know Jesus. I want them to learn and go where God leads them. I want them to have good examples. I’m just tired of doing all of it on my own. If anyone has suggestions on how to get Taylor to stop screaming and being rude to people I would gladly take them. :)

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  1. allison says:

    love that song, too
    give yourself some grace with Taylor….
    I don’t have any other good advice, Tabitha.

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