Less than 55 hours

until we leave for the hospital for my c-section…and here’s why I can’t go into labor early now:

~Kody is sick. He started feeling bad this morning and is definitely not good to be around a new baby right now. I need him in the delivery room/OR with me, so we must wait until he gets well! I hope no one else gets sick too. We don’t have time for 5 people to go through a 24 hour virus or whatever it is! I’m going to load everybody up on probiotics and we’re going to our Chiropractor tomorrow. Hoping to prevent anymore sickness!

~We still have not found/purchased a van. This is not a requirement of course, but it sure would make getting home from the hospital easier… I found another one to look at and they open at 7am, so I was hoping Kody could go drive it on the way to work…see above for reason he won’t be! Blah.

~I wanted to have my garden at least disked and partially planted before going into the hospital, but nothing is done! I dislike having to depend on other people, but for the disking part I have to, so we can’t do much without that. I also can’t complain since they are doing it out of the goodness of their heart, but it’s hard to be patient when there’s a “deadline.” Trying not to be negative, but I’m already thinking my garden is going to fail this year again because I won’t be able to work in it for awhile. Boo.

~I need to finish cleaning the house and make sure I have everything packed and get some rest. Like any of that is going to happen! I feel like I cleaned all weekend and little people went behind me and made a mess. Spilling root beer all over the kitchen floor does not help Mommy…

~Last, I’m scared. I need, sometime in the next 55 hours, to lose this fear.
“Father God, please take the fear of the c-section and everything that goes with it from me. Give me a peace about it and some reassurance that all will be okay, according to Your plan. I’ve had 3 Cesareans now and each time I have been fine and so has my baby, I just can’t get past other people’s horror stories and stuff I’ve heard from nursing friends. Please help me to forget anything that I shouldn’t have in my head that gives me these fears.”

Pray for us as we are in the final countdown to meeting our baby boy. I look forward to telling you all about him on Wednesday. (or maybe Thursday, we’ll see how coherent I can be that soon!)

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2 Responses to Less than 55 hours

  1. Courtney says:

    Praying for you, Tabitha!!! A verse that has helped me deal with fear (especially with my c-sections) is this:

    “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

    Hang in there!!

  2. allison says:

    sorry to hear about Kody not feeling well…praying for a smooth and peaceful delivery :)

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