I wanna hold the baby

I heard this many times today! Kristopher, Taylor and Kameron finally got to come to the hospital this afternoon. They would have been able to yesterday, but when I got the feeling back in my legs and thought I could handle it I started feeling really nauseous and we decided it would be better to just wait. So they came around 1 and Kristopher’s first words were he’s so cute, can I hold him. And of course Taylor and Kameron wanted to hold him too. A hospital room is a hard place to have well children! They just can’t understand why they need to be quiet and calm, but it didn’t go too badly and they were able to come back for about another hour this evening. Poor little Kameron is having some trouble understanding that he’s not the baby anymore and he got upset that I wouldn’t/couldn’t hold him. I knew he would though. I think things will be fine, but I know that the next couple of weeks are going to be a big adjustment for all of us. It’s all going to be totally worth it though!

Here are the pictures I promised from today: (click any of them to see larger)

I’m wishing that I had more of me holding Kyler, but usually when people are here they are busy looking at and loving on him, so I forget to ask! Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to ask someone to get some good ones of me. We’ve had several visitors which has been nice, and my children are the only ones that have been, which is good. It’s nice to just have adult visitors and be able to talk to them! If you’ve visited and are reading this, thank you! Today we also got some flowers and snacks from Grandpa. They are ver pretty. I’m trying to save the snacks for when we’re home, but I did sneak a piece of candy. After not having real food for 30 hours it was yummy! I did get to eat regular lunch and dinner today, but it’s hospital food and I didn’t order well for lunch…I need to try to pick something better tomorrow! Most of the above pictures are from a little photo shoot that I did tonight. I got the cute “onesie sticker” from etsy. It is part of a set of month stickers to keep track of your growing baby. I had to get my zero month done right away. :) Anyway, it’s my bedtime. Have to get some rest while Kyler sleeps in the nursery. We are rooming in during the day, because I want my baby here with me, but I’m no fool. I have him sleep in the nursery and just come out to be fed. I need my rest at night while I can get it!

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  1. allison says:

    Tabitha, love these pics :). Absolutely love kids’ facial expressions in the first one…

  2. Courtney says:

    Great pictures! He’s adorable!

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