one week down

Kyler is one week and one day old now and we’ve made it through without any mishaps. Plenty has happened in that week though!

Kameron had a really hard time with me being in the hospital and threw many tantrums and wa just generally sad while I was gone. The day we came home he was not much better and followed me around crying, but after that he was better. Now he still will ask me to “hold me” but he understands and doesn’t cry and whine when I say no. He has been a big helper too and loves baby Kyler. No one has been rough with him or tried to pick him up either…even if they all ask to hold him every five minutes! I’m so glad that they seem to have adjusted well to having another brother.

The last night we were in the hospital (Friday) there was a Tornado warning and we ended up sittng in the hallway for a little while with all the other mommies and babies. I was glad that I was feeling at least a little better when we had to do that! I was in the middle of nursing when they had to move us, but Kyler just kept on eating like nothing was going on. He has been such a good eater from the very beginning! I was so sad to hear the mom across the hall from me. She was trying to nurse too and was getting very frustrated and her baby was crying and she was ready to give up and try bottle because he hadn’t eaten in almost 4 hours. I know in the hospital many of the nurses will try to convince you that the baby has to eat that often and that if they don’t you have to give up, but after having that experience with Kristopher and nursing the next three I know better. I wanted so badly to encourage her and try to help her, but at the same time I didn’t want to upset her since I guess I was kind of eaves-dropping… So in the end I did nothing. Still not sure what I should have done! The tornadoes passed us and we were able to go back to our rooms and I prayed for that mom and baby. I hope that she was able to relax and feed her baby the way that she wanted to. Then Tuesday night at home we had more big storms and a tornado watch. We all happened to be downstairs at midnight when our power went out and everyone slept down here. I’m glad we didn’t have to try to move anyone and that we didn’t all have to go down the ladder into the basement. That would not have been fun less than a week after surgery! Our power stayed off until 3:30 the next afternoon which was stressful, but not terrible. Since the temperature was nice it really wasn’t a big deal. I really take the electricity for granted. After the ice storm and reading some [fictional] books I kept trying to make things easier/better in case something happened to take it out for awhile and we are more prepared than we were back then, but I can see that I still have trouble when it goes out. We share a well, which is great and one of the people on it bought a generator, so at least we all have water when the power goes out now! My biggest thing is communicating with other people. I really don’t feel like I have to talk to people all the time, but when I know I can’t talk to people all of a sudden I want to desperately! I still need to buy a corded phone for situations like this. So, it’s been a stormy week.

We’ve had wonderful friends bring us dinner and lunches and it has been great not having to think about that! Some families brought us many items and that has been a blessing. I love our group of friends and having people who care about us. I only hope that I can give back to them as much as they give me!

I am mostly out of pain now and I go back to the doctor for a check up tomorrow. Hoping that she says I look great and am healing fine. I may have overdone it on Sunday and Tuesday, but I felt like I had to do something. I am not good at sitting still and resting when I know there’s so much to do. I am not a good patient at all once I get home. Don’t get me wrong, I like to rest, just not when I feel like I should be doing things. But now I am feeling better, so maybe I didn’t overdo it too much. I am going to really have to make myself keep resting some though since I am not hurting as much. I was told some stories by people who have overdone it right after having a baby and I don’t want those things to happen to me! Pray for me to be calm and to rest often for the next 4 or 5 weeks. :)

I have been actually writing baby stuff down and keeping up with the journal that my friend, Allison, gave me at my shower. I didn’t get a baby book for Kyler…I hardly wrote in Kameron’s at all. I am really enjoying keeping this journal though. I have been keeping track of things with lists and also writing notes to Kyler in it. I think I will glue things in (like his paper from the doctor today) so that I can just make it his “baby book.” That totally works for me! In case you are wondering he weighed 6 lbs 7 oz today. So he almost gained all the weight he lost back. He was only 19.25 inches long though and I helped measure, so it was definitely right today. The hopsital must have gotten it wrong. I thought it was kind of funny that he would be a whole inch taller than all my other babies! This makes him more the right size for me. He looks great and is doing perfect! We don’t have to go back until he’s 1 month old.

This post got a bit rambly, but there you have it: Our first week with baby has been fun, painful, stressful, exciting, and just like all life – unpredictable. I have been trusting God with everything this week and I feel like He has taken care of me. Thank you to everyone who has helped us or visited us so far! You are all a wonderful part of our lives and we love you!

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  1. allison says:

    tabitha….thought I was caught up reading your posts, but I find I am way behind :). I love that you love the journal. yay!!! I have been pretty negligent with all my baby books, too. It was good seeing you and baby at VBS. He looked so snuggly in your sling.

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