Little bit of an update

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I’ve been busy with life and the blog just got away from me, as I’m sure it will again. I’ll do a numbered list to make it a bit easier to catch you up. :)

1. We bought a van. Finally, after a long search we found a van that I really like. We were to the point where we had to get something or things were going to get ugly! The winner was a 2003 Ford Windstar (picture below) and I really like driving it. I took it in to have the oil changed and some recall things tested and had to leave it overnight. While it was at Ford I was given a newer van to drive and I feel silly, but I’d rather have my older one! I guess the thing I like most about it is the adjustable pedals. I had trouble reaching them or sitting comfortably in other vans we looked at. The kids are also excited about all their space. We got it on June 8 and already took it on our first family vacation – fun stuff! The best part of the whole van story is that we were able to pay cash for it! It was just the right amount and we offered what we had and they took it. It is so nice not having a payment and knowing that it is ours. Now, if we could just pay cash to get rid of our credit card, wouldn’t that be awesome?!

2. We’re doing the summer reading program at our library again. I guess we haven’t been very excited about it this year and we haven’t had the time to read very much. It seems like there aren’t as many programs this year either. They did seperate the kids from the adults this year and I really like what they’ve done, I just can’t find the time to read! Right now I am working on “The Help” and it is excellent. I want to stay up late and just finish it, but I am so exhasuted that I can’t make myself do it.

3. We went on a family vacation last week with my dad and 2 sisters and their families. I will do a seperate post about it soon. While we were there we celebrated my 30th birthday and my sister, Erica’s 26th birthday. It was fun and Tiffany bought/made me a button to wear… I was pretty excited to turn 30 and am also excited that Kody and I will have our 10th anniversary next month. I do not feel that 30 is old and I am perfectly happy to say I’ve left my twenties.

4. Kyler is now 11 weeks and 2 days old. He’s getting to be a chubby boy. He’s still a sweet perfect baby and I just love taking care of him. I’m so afraid I’ll forget what it’s like to hold a snuggly baby and it makes me sad. I wish I could somehow capture what it feels like to remember forever!

5. Kameron broke his collar-bone in May and had to wear a brace for a month. He is still healing, but is able to do everything normally now. There is a big bump where it broke (the callous that is holding it together) but he doesn’t even seem to remember anything happened.

6. The two oldest kids went to camp this summer. Kristopher actually went away for a week, with a group from church, to CentriKid. He had a great time and it sounds like they all got a little wild. I know he was happy to be home though. Taylor did a soccer camp in town for a week and had fun. Since I had my first child I’ve wanted to be a soccer mom and I think it’s funny that it’s my girl who loves soccer. I’m glad she has something she really likes though. There are so many things I’d love for the kids to get to do, but we have to pick an choose wisely for our time and money constraints. I do wish I’d signed at least 2 of them up for swim lessons. I say it every year, but I’m getting nervous now since they can’t swim and it just seems like we’re around more water all the time. There’s also a robotics camp at Murray State that Kristopher would love, but it’s so expensive for one week! Maybe next year…

7. My garden this year is not in great shape. I had big aspirations, but having a baby right at planting time via c-section was bad for it. I’ll take a baby over a garden any day, but all we have managed to plant so far is potatoes, tomatoes and buberries. I still have hopes to plant green beans and maybe some other things, but am not sure if I will get a chance. So, if anyone has ANY vegetables or apples you want to give away I’ll take them! Next year hopefully I will be able to actually plant and work in the garden so tha it gets out on time and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

8. Because I like a even number, I will end on 8. I am currently getting all my curriculum ordered and ready. We are trying to get a new school table too. I am looking at the round ones like our church uses. I am hoping to be able to get one before we start in August. We are going to do a little bit of easy stuff in July and start back with our full curriculum by mid August. I decided that we started to late last year with all the breaks we ended up taking. I am also looking at a more structured day for us, since I think maybe we didn’t do enough this year. We’re still getting the hang of it, but we do still like homeschooling our children. I will say it makes it easier to have the support of our family and friends and the help from other people when we need it. I don’t think I could do it on my own without that group.

I hope this post finds you well and having a wonderful summer!

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