3 months

Today, Kyler is a quarter of a year old. This time has flown by and I am having a hard time believing that it really has been 3 months since his birth. Here are some of his many faces at 3 months:

At 3 months, Kyler is a smiley boy. He is happiest in the morning when he has alone time with me. I get lots of smiles! He has started “talking” to people. You know, the “aah goo” kind of talking. Love! He likes to put weight on his feet and bounces on my legs when I hold him up. He is sleeping between 8 and 10 hours at night and is awake much of the day. He has started sucking his thumb/hand some of the time, but not all te time like Kameron did, yet. He loves to watch Taylor and she wants to take care of him all the time. So far, he hasn’t met a stranger and is content with everyone until he gets hungry. He has sweet little soft cheeks that everyone comments on and has to give a squueze or kiss. I just love his whole little soft squishy body. My last two were skinny babies, but Kyler is a little chubby thing and he’s so snuggly. His favorite place to be is snuggled up next to my shoulder…and that’s pretty much my favorite place for him to be too. :) Love this sweet boy!

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