Gearing Up

This summer has flown by and I find myself ready for school to start. I know many of you are probably saying, “It’s still summer!”, but I’m not feeling it. Yes, it’s still hot and yes the calendar reads July, but my kids are almost done with their summer activities and the boredom is setting in. We have too much time at our house with no structure and while that should be fun, lately, it isn’t. I am craving a schedule and having my daily plan and they want something (mama guided) to do. So yesterday we worked on some “schoolwork” and I am getting things ready to start back early this year. This is new for me, since I’ve thought the schools were silly for starting so early and last year we didn’t start until September so that we could have a longer summer. I am excited about it though!

I thought I would share what I’m doing curriculum-wise with you and give you a little bit of my plan. Maybe this will hold me accountable and make me keep to my plan a little better throughout the year. I hope to do better with an infant than I did while pregnant! We shall see, as a good friend of mine always says. ;)

With Kristopher I am going to continue on with the My Father’s World curriculum. He did Adventures in My Father’s World last year and we loved it! So, we are starting their 5 year cycle this year. Instead of starting with the year of Geography (because a) I’ve heard it’s kind of boring and b) I want to do the same curriculum as a friend) we are going to do Creation to the Greeks. You can really start anywhere in the cycle because it is designed to use with multiple age children at once. That material will cover his history, science and bible subjects. Then I ordered some math and English books that I thought looked good. Here is his list:

Journey through the Bible
Streams of Civilization, Volume 1
Ancient World
Celebrating Biblical Feasts
Ancient Egypt
Aesop’s fables for Children (with CD)
The Trojan Horse
The Children’s Homer
Genesis for Kids
English from the Roots Up
Dinosaurs of Eden
CDs with the music and life stories of Bach, Handel and Vivaldi
God and the History or Art
Archimedes and the Door of Science

Get A Clue Devotions
Big Truths for Young Hearts – We’ve already started this one and are reading it together.
Singapore Math books 3A and 3B
Success with Grammar
240 Vocabulary Words 4th Graders Need to Know
Rip the Page – I got two copies of this one and I’m going to do it too. :)
Cursive Writing Practice Pages
What to Do When You Grumble Too Much – We’ve already started this one.

Taylor also did My Father’s World curriculum last year. Truthfully, we’re still working on it right now… It was the Kindergarten year and I wasn’t impressed with it at all, so I decided that we would not do their first grade stuff. Instead I ordered a mish-mash of stuff for her and will make my own up as we go along. I am hoping that for her social studies stuff I can just draw from what Kristopher is doing. I might add in some sight word work or a book about states later too. Not sure how much is going to be too much for her. Here is her list for now:

Singapore Math books 1A and 1B – I know MFW says to start these after their first grade year, but the first book starts with counting and number order so I think she can do it!
Explode the Code 1 – I’m planning to use this as our phonics and spelling book for now. – yes, we will be making use of this free website as well!
Purposeful Design Science by ACSI
25 Emergent Reader Mini Books

Kameron wanted to “do school” last year, so this year I got him a preschool workbook to work on whenever he wants to. I’m not planning to make him sit and do work if he isn’t ready though. No reason to make someone hate school! His book is: The Preschool Comprhensive Curriculum of Basic Skills

Each day this year I am planning to start by reading from our Child’s Story bible (stole this idea from Lindsey and I also think this workbox system looks fab) and do our devotional with prayer time together. I’m hoping this will help get our day started calmly. The books we’ll be using are:

The Child’s Story Bible
Did You Know Devotions

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and the beginning of your school year! Posted about your plans? I’d love to read them – give me a link!

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