My Favorite New Thing

I’ve actually had it for a few months now. I was so excited about this planner when I first read about it that I had to get it. It is called The Well Planned Day and is from Home Educating Family Publishing. Even though I had never seen one in person I thought the planner sounded like it was perfect. Now that I have it I am going to have to say, “it IS perfect!” Here’s a little tour of my favorite parts:

At the beginning there’s this page for a family picture and some keepsake information. And a greeting card registry on the next page – exactly what I needed!

There are pages for each student, to keep track of their books and cost of schooling and their normal schedule. There are 4 of these, so if you have more than four children this book might not be perfect for you. :)

There’s a page for semester goals (for each semester).

For your planning there are weekly pages with 4 lines on each subject, so you can put up to 4 students work plans in. On these pages there are also dinner menus, priorities, and a weekly catechism to work on. I really like this!

If you want to use them, there are semester grade and attendance sheets for each child (4). There are also report cards at the end – fun!

There’s a whole holiday organization section with pages for Christmas Cards, Events, Gift Giving, Shopping, and Notes.

In addition to those there are articles on every month from The Home Educating Family Magazine and tear out shopping lists on every month. At the beginning you’ll find places to write in contacts and household finance information and chores. This planner really has it all and I’m hoping it really does help me to have a well planned day!

* The folks at Home Educating Family Publishing have no idea who I am or that I even exist. I just love this product and wanted to pass it on. :)

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  1. Courtney says:

    It sounds really great!!! :)

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