Well, I was hoping to have started on all that wonderful curriculum this week or at the very least have made some lesson plans for the first month of school, but we’ve done nothing. Sickness has delayed our start. It makes me crazy to be all excited about something and then be delayed. Right now though all I’d like is a nice cool fan, a huge drink (a Cherry Limeade from Sonic would be perfect), and my bed. Alas, I have to continue to be the mommy and wife and take care of everybody. The kids are all pretty much well, but the illness is hanging on to me. I’m exhasuted and my throat still hurts and my nose won’t quit with the yuck. I know I am dehydrated because I have a headache and every muscle in my body aches. The last time I felt like this I had bronchitis and was dehydrated and the doctor put me in the hospital. I was also nursing Taylor and they made me quit. So, I’m trying to drink as much as I can to avoid any repeat of that scenario. I just need someone shoving fluids at me I guess! It’s hard to take care of yourself when you have 5 other people to focus on. I am trying though.

Anyway, we’ll get started on school as soon as we’re all well and organized. I’m trying to let that be okay with me…so far I’m not doing so well with convincing myself. You know how I like a plan! Hope this week finds you better off than me. :)

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