Picture of Kameron listening to Kyler 7-25-11.

I find myself laughing at Kameron a lot lately. Kameron has been talking for almost 2 years now. However, lately his vocabulary has really been growing. He has been harder to understand than the first two were, as their speech was clearer. This has troubled me some, especially when a speech therapist (and friend) asked me about it. Then I was really nervous for a bit. He is just growing into his own voice though and I am not worried about it.

I want to write some of this down just so I can remember. Right now some of his words are so funny. So here’s a little list of some things he says…and how they actually sound. :)

crayon = cayron
hold me = homie
pillow = peedow
helicopter = holdicopter
oatmeal = etmeal
soccer = soccer ball camp
I’m fine = my fine
blanket = banket or doggie banket (used to be “dog-dog”)
He will often say no and then change his answer, so he says “actually, I do.” Such a cutie!

He has also started speaking in much better sentences, at almost 3 years old. I just love to hear his little “grown up” questions and answers. Although, I’d like it if most of those sentences weren’t about older siblings getting in trouble! His little voice is so sweet and I am enjoying this time. I do hope he continues to grow his vocabulary and use more of it soon. He is also going through that difficult time when he has words but can’t always come up with the right ones and gets frustrated and hits…or tells the person that he’s going to hit them. Or sometimes he just screams and won’t talk. That isn’t fun! I know that it will pass though and my little boy will be all grown up, so for now I’ll cherish every moment, especially the cute fun ones.

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