This is the way we go to school!

We moved into this house 3 years ago last month. When we first moved here Kristopher was still attending public school so our “extra room” was going to be an office. And it was, at least for a little while. When we decided to homeschool Kristopher for his second grade year that room began evolving into an office/school room. We finally have it to a stage that we feel is worth showing off, so here it is. This is where Kody works and plays when he’s home and of course where the rest of us have school all week.

As you walk in you see, on the right, Kody’s desk and for now the computer the kids use when they need to use it. The white cabinet houses all our current school books, reference books, coloring books, and their supplies. The black shelf is Kody’s and the file cabinet is just that, a file cabinet. :) On the left, is my dresser (won’t fit in our bedroom for now with Kyler in there) which makes a good separating half wall. Since we’ve had it like this the kids seem to stay put at the table when we’re doing something better. I like it this way!

Once you go around the dresser/wall you are in our “classroom”. We bought this table a few weeks ago and it is fabulous. Everyone needs a table like this if you have children, homeschooling or not! It is wonderful and we spend a lot of time here already, even if we don’t have to be. On the wall beside the table I put up a large map and some art clips. I am happy to have finally found a solution that I like for hanging kids art! I do want to put something above the map. Perhaps, if I have time to make one, a pennant garland would be cute?! We always have jars of pencils in the middle of our table. I love mason jars!

Over to the side is my desk and our calendar. I don’t really like having the calendar all the way over there, but that’s really the only place for it. We have 4 fabulous windows that give us light during the day. I’m a big fan of all the natural light. The kitchen is still my favorite room in the house, but this is easily my second favorite now (and not just because I have my computer here.)

We still need to put up baseboards and Kody eventually wants to find a desk that he likes. We’ll probably put up some kind of window coverings eventually too, boo. Other than those few things this room is D-O-N-E and it is a fun place to be! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

*I am a big copycat and most of my inspiration lately comes from Lindsey aka The Pleated Poppy. I want to live in her house!

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  1. you are so sweet! i love your place – it looks great!


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