I’ve been very dissapointed, this time around, that I haven’t been able to get even a semblance of my pre-baby body back quickly. It took me longer this time to heal physically and the first time I started trying to work out (in June) it really hurt. I tried to play it off like it was just normal “haven’t excercised in awhile” pain, but the truth is, it hurt bad. So, after our family vacation I quit for awhile. I’d also been feeling blah, kind of sick but not really, if that makes sense. I just didn’t have the energy or time or feel good enough to excercise. I wasn’t eating awful things or eating all the time, but I guess with sitting still so much of the day while teaching and holding a baby I wasn’t losing any weight either.

That brings me to now. I started doing the 30 Day Shred again (it’s what I have people!) on August 30. So with the couple of days I took off, I’m on day 7. I never excercise on Sunday because it doesn’t work out with getting everyone ready for church. Since I’ve started I see no difference in myself. I don’t think I look different. I don’t feel different. I’m not sure if my weight is different since I don’t have a scale. At least it isn’t hurting this time and I’m going to keep going. I know a week isn’t really a good time to take a look at changes, but I was really hoping to see some! I’m trying even harder to eat better. I’ve added more protein and less other stuff, but I’m not going to drastically change my diet, because I am nursing Kyler and let’s face it I feel like I’ starving all the time. I don’t eat all the time, but I am hungry all the time.

I’m curious how other nursing moms deal with losing the weight and being healthy and not feeling like you’re starving. With Kameron I’m not sure I really did much of anything, but somehow I lost quite a bit quickly. I never got the body I wanted (I’m sure I won’t ever again since I want my high school body), but it was much easier to lose some than this time. In the spirit of honesty, I lost about 10 pounds by my 2 week postpartum checkup and I’ve only lost about 4 more in the 4 months since then. I’ve got about 25 to go before I am my perfect adult weight.

Right now, all of this (excercise and diet and trying to keep up with everything) feels like torture. I know it isn’t anywhere near it, but I want it to end! I’m hungry and tired of being overweight and I do stil feel petty blah (nauseous, but not really). This makes me grumpy and mean – just ask my children, they’re ready for mama to be happy again!

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  1. Laura Sheridan says:

    I know how you feel! With my last three babies, I have immediately lost all the weight I gained by my 6-week checkup. With Caleb, I actually lost to below my pre-baby weight. However, that is where it ends. I have never lost more while nursing, even though we did radically change our whole family diet for the better. Almost 5 years after my C-Section with Nathanael, exercise still hurts, especially around my scar! I hate shopping for clothes, and I get really discouraged too!

    I know I will never have my college figure again, but I would like to be in the ballpark weight. I still need to lose about 50 pounds to do this. I want to encourage you to keep trying! I have not given up yet, and neither should you! We owe it to our families to be at the best health level we can be!

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