Potty Training is for the Birds

With the arrival of Kameron’s birthday I decided that it was time to be rid of diapers. So, last week we worked on using the potty more. This was not fun or at all easy. There are those who say just wait until they are ready and they’ll train themself. I am all for this method and was hoping that we’d get there. But after the third birthday I just can’t handle it anymore! My original goal was to have him potty trained by the end of this year and we still have time, so I’m trying not to stress. Still, last week did not go well. He will pee in the potty whenever I tell him to, but I have to tell him to. He won’t tell me. And, there is no inclination to poop in the potty at all… I don’t know what to do about that. I do know that we’re going to keep trying and that eventually Kameron will be wearing those Thomas the Train big boy underpants. Then we’ll just have one more child to go through this with. Praise the Lord, because this is one of my least favorite parenting things. ;)

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