Let’s Bounce

Taylor’s 6th birthday was last Wednesday. We had school and church, so we just opened presents and went out for ice cream that day. The first two pictures are from her big day.

The rest of the above pictures are from her party, which we had last night. I had big plans this year to do a pretty dress up paty with fancy decorations, but Taylor had other plans. She wanted to go to “the bouncy place” also known as Universal Athletics. It is a gymnastics/cheerleading place that has inflatable bouncy things and a party room. So I tried to combine the two parties into one – some bouncing and some fancy. Taylor chose the colors for the party – turquoise/light blue and pink. I made cake pops, which were not fun to make, and the first ones didn’t look good, but at least some of them turned out decent looking. They all tasted good! I also set up a candy “bar” and made some little re-usable snack bags for the kids to take some candy home as favors. For the bags I used Sarah Jane’s pinwheel fabric from her Children at Play collection, with some nylon on the inside. I am loving this fabric! I wanted to make the boys (all the brothers) snack bags out of the rocket fabric, but I ran out of time and velcro. The bags were a hit and, of course, the candy was too! I forgot to take a table cloth, so my table wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked. If we had been at home I would have served the pink lemonade in mason jars and had it in a pretty glass pitcher. I thought I already had enough glass in a place that kids act kind of crazy though. There was lots of bouncing (the great thing about having the party at UA was that I didn’t have to plan games and do much moderating) and some candle blowing out and gift opening. Taylor had a great time and that’s really all that matters!

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