A Little Fall Decorating

On the first day of fall, last Friday, I dragged my box of decorations out. It took me a couple of days to get everything put out, but I think I’m done now. My front porch looks almost the same as last year. I just have different shaped pumpkins out there, the wreath is the same and I am still so glad that I took the time to make it. It makes me smile!

I really only decorate the living room and kitchen for fall and there are only a couple of things in the kitchen, like my big Cracker Barrel platter (you can kind of see it in one of the pictures below.) So, since I haven’t done a finished living room post for my house remodel I’m going to do that now. Then you can see the before and after shots and my pretty decorations. And, you can tell me if I’ve got too much going on on my shelves!

Here are the before pictures:

These were taken the first day we looked at the house. Unfortunately they are taken from the opposite angles as the ones today.

Here are the whole room views:

We were blessed earlier this year by some friends who gave us a second couch. Now we have enough seats for everyone! I’m sure you’re noticing the hideous curtains…I still need to replace those with something pretty. We’re thinking bamboo blinds, but we’ll see. The shelves and cabinets were built by Kody’s dad. Love them! Before there was a big empty wall and I’ve always wanted to have bookshelves to the ceiling. This is a much better view. :)

Here is my fall mantel:

The lamp is a new addition because we decided we needed a little more light on that side of the room. I didn’t like the plain shade, especially since I couldn’t get an exact match to the larger lamp, so I covered it with some polkadot ruffles. I like it when it isn’t on, but it looks kind of funny with the light shining through the ruffles…

Last, some close ups of the shelves. Are they too busy? I’m not sure what to take out. I kind of like it, but occasionally it looks too cluttered when I look over. What do you think?

So, there you go. I’m pretty happy with my living room and it’s definitely cozy and ready for the next couple of months! Are you decorated for fall?

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