Things my Children Say

In a conversation with Taylor and Kristopher recently:

Taylor: I want to be a policeman when I grow up.
Me: (after telling her that she’d have to be a policewoman) Jackson’s daddy is almost a State Policeman. And, Payton and Abby’s daddy is one too.
Taylor: I know.
Kristopher: Mr. Ryan is really good at it.
Me: How do you know?
Kristopher: Because he’s still alive.
Me: I guess that does mean he’s good at it. (lots of silent laughing at the logic)

Later that day Taylor changed her mind. Now she wants to be a ninja when she grows up. Kody told her she could be a police ninja. Hahahahahahaha!

Yesterday, Kameron came downstairs with some blue-jeans and told me he wanted to put on some britches like Grandaddy. So we did, and I told him we needed to find his brogans too. So funny that he would just say that. :)

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