7+ Down, ~15 To Go

I wanted to write a little update on the Christmas gift crafting. As you can see from the title I have more than 7 completed gifts. I finished Kyler’s blue hat. In the photos you can see a little sneak peek of some of the other finished things. I can’t tell you all the details now since I’m not sure who actually reads my blog. ;) I will take more pictures and give details closer to or after Christmas. I know I have one other gift done that isn’t pictured and I have a few little things in my box that I keep on hand for little gifts. Not sure if any of those will work for anyone just yet, so that’s the +.

Still to go are quite a few of the larger things. Tomorrow, I think, I will work on some pants for Kyler and possibly try to finish up a few more of the unfinished projects I found when I was cleaning up the sunroom and organizing my sewing stuff today. One of those things is a fun pennant banner out of Christmas fabric that I started last year. All that I have to do is sew it together and I want to be able to decorate with it this year. I’m actually enjoying making all of these gifts (not always the case with my holiday sewing) and I’m not even feeling rushed or stressed out about it yet. I’m thrilled with how things are turning out too, and I hope that each person who gets a handmade gift from me likes what they get!

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