Kristopher’s Gifts

Amazingly, I’m not talking Christmas gifts right now. On the way home from church this morning, Kristopher and I were talking about how anyone could be the president of the United States, which got me saying, “Anyone can cook.” And all of that led to a discussion about his gifts that God has blessed him with. The gifts that he said he has are playing video games well and getting into trouble. While he is good at playing games, many people are…I wouldn’t call that a gift exactly. And getting into trouble, well that’s not exactly a gift either…and as far as I know everyone who’s alive has gotten into trouble at least once. ;) So, I tried to help him see what his gifts are. When I thought about them I felt really good about the wonderful young man he’s becoming. In less than 2 months he will be a decade old. Hard to believe that I’ve been a mother for ten years, but it feels like I’ve always been his mommy too. Isn’t that feeling wonderful?!?!

Here are the gifts we decided that he has: Kristopher is kind and caring. He reads well. He writes good stories and draws funny pictures. He tries to make sure everyone is included (except his siblings SOMETIMES). If someone doesn’t have any of something and he does he wants to share. He is helpful, even when he doesn’t want to be, but most of the time he offers help to others. He gives everything he has and gives with his whole heart. He likes to talk to people and enjoys doing things with little kids. He loves God. He asks questions and wants to learn everything he can about everything there is (except maybe math). He’ll do something goofy to make you laugh. He wants people to be happy. And yes, he is good at games and figuring things out.

A couple of months ago, he said he wants to be a chlidren’s minister when he grows up and what I believe are his gifts would make that a perfect thing for him to do. Of course his dream job keeps changing. Tonight he said he wanted to be a storyteller. He is seriously trying to pick anything that doesn’t involve math right now!

I am blessed to have such a wonderful son and I can’t wait to see what more he will become!

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