Working on the Bathroom

By Saturday morning the bathroom was empty, except for the old plumbing. We decided to make a big trip to Lowe’s to pick things out and pick up some new pipes and wood for the floor. Kody’s parents met us there with Kristopher, since he had spent the night with them. I’ve said it before (maybe not on here) and I’ll say it again, Lowe’s with 1 child is not fun, but Lowe’s with 4 is nearly impossible! We did manage, though, to buy the washing machine that matches our new dryer (it was half off, how could we not?) and pick out a new tub/shower. Then we kind of split up. Janet and I looked at flooring and paint colors while the men looked at plumbing. Then we all went to pick out the subfloor. During all of that time the kids just kind of ran wild all over Lowe’s. Oh, I kid, but they certainly weren’t calm and quiet anymore.

When we got back to the house we were all so tired and hungry that I’m afraid not much was accomplished on the bathroom. I know they took out the big pipe that was under the toilet and I’m pretty sure they worked on removing some of the plumbing that was in the wall to our bedroom and ran the old tub water.

On Sunday, the rest of the old plumbing was removed. They also chopped the old black vent pipe in two, twice, and got it out of there. Then cut and screwed the new subfloor down. Last, for the day, they brought the new tub into the house. The salesman at Lowe’s asked us several times if we were sure it would fit through our doors, because he gets people who bring them back all the time because they didn’t fit into the house. We assured him, that yes, our doors were big enough. Well, the front door and the bathroom door were big enough, but our two options of getting it from the front door to the bathroom were too small… So some of the kitchen trim had to be ripped off to accomodate our pretty tub. Oh well, easily replaced!

Now the tub is in the bathroom where it will sit. They are going to build a wall (a thin one) between the end of the shower and the sink. The sink will be where it is only pulled out a little to be more even with the front of the tub. Behind the sink will be a half wall that creates a ledge and then a mirror above it. The ledge will be perfect for holding toothbrush holders and such since we have a pedestal sink. The toilet will sit under the window. We placed the tub and toilet differently because we really wanted to keep that window with the natural light. I know a lot of people cover their bathroom windows so that the room is enclosed, but I like to have the light! The door will open opposite what it does now and will push into the bathroom. There will be four towel hooks about halfway down the wall in a row and then there will be open shelves above them, I think. That stuff will be where the sink used to be and will lie bhind the door when it’s open in it’s new configuration. All the new plumbing still has to be installed and holes drilled, but we are getting there! I’ll update more when I have more to share!

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