Year of the Covered Notebook

When I started searching for gifts to make for people this year, I pulled out all my favorite craft books. I love flipping throgh themwhen I don’t have a plan and thinking about what would make people smile. This year the cover for a composition notebook, from Sewing Bits & Pieces, jumped out at me for a couple of people. I made the first one for my friend Molly and decided that it was so easy and pretty that lots of people would get them. I didn’t follow Sandi’s directions, except for the size of the fabric and lining. I decided to embellish mine and embroider names. Kristopher’s has a big ribbon “K” on it. Here they are:

I have made 5 so far and have two more notebooks that I can cover if I think of someone to give them to. Or they might turn into birthday gifts…several of those coming up! As you can see, Taylor loved hers. Everyone else who received one seemed to like it too!

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