Rocket Wallet

I made this little rocket wallet for one of Kristopher’s friends. I hope he likes it. Fabric is from Sarah Jane’s Children at Play line for Michael Miller. Tutorial can be found here.

The inside has 4 slots for cards and a large cash pocket like a regular wallet. The card slots on mine are almost too small, so I would say when sewing the double lines in the center to put them slightly closer than 3/4″ apart. This wallet was pretty easy and my mother in law was impressed with how quickly it went together. She was hanging out while I made it and playing with the kids, which was so very helpful!

When I showed it to Kristopher he wanted to know why I didn’t make him one, so I may be making another this week for his birthday. It’s funny to me how I think it will make a great gift, but I don’t really see Kristopher as the wallet carrying type. Guess I still think he should be a little boy and he’s growing up so fast. We all know if he asks for a handmade wallet he’ll get one, so that’s what I’ll be working on. I love to make things for my family and friends!

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