Cozy Neck

Recently, my bff and I went on a little shopping trip. We were at Hobby Lobby and ventured into the yarn section. Always dangerous, this. I had no plans to buy any yarn and in fact haven’t really gotten the urge to knit much still. Anyway, as we perused the yarn I saw plenty that was pretty, but I could leave it there. Then I saw the Yarn Bee Melody Bulky yarn in the Harlequin colorway and I knew I wanted a new scarf.

You see, about a month ago I was getting ready to leave the house and knew it was colder outside. I went to grab my favorite scarf that I knit about 5 years ago. All my scarves were hanging in the back of the closet on a hanger with my other winter wear. As I went to grab it a big ball of fluff fell down and when I saw the scarf it was all chewed up near the hanger. The other scarves were also chewed and my wool peacoat had a hole chewed out as well. The mice had made a nest up on top of the coat rack. I’m not really sure how they had time to do this since we keep traps set year round (out in the country that’s how you have to roll, my friends) and we had just caught several, but they did. They also got into my drawers and ate holes in several sweaters. By the time I was done surveying the damage I was very angry and I was ready to take out some mice. We did get a few more right after that and thankfully no more clothing damage has been done since.

Back to the yarn. When I saw this particular colorway (harlequin) I knew I wanted to replace my fallen scarves. So I decided to buy a skein. Yeah, I thought I could get a scarf out of one skein of bulky yarn. I probably could have if I’d made it skinnier, but I want a longer scarf that will wrap around my neck. I used the entire skein and I am halfway to where I want to be. So, somehow I’ve got to acquire another. I really don’t want to pay shipping for it, but will if need be, so I can have a nice cozy scarf for the cold time ahead. It has been so nice for the past week that it almost seems like winter is leaving already, but I’ve lived here long enough to know that now is about the time it starts to get really cold. I know it’s coming and I know I want a good scarf around my neck when it gets here!

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