Fabric Wreath Tutorial

I decided after the holidays that I wanted a pretty new wreath to brighten up our door. I still don’t have a Christmas wreath or a winter wreath made, but I decided to go with something flowery. [Mostly because I’m ready for spring…] Here’s my new wreath:

I think it turned out pretty, so I thought I’d share how I made it. Here’s the tutorial:

First, gather your supplies.
Wreath Form in the size you want – I used a pool noodle taped end to end, so mine is pretty large.
Fabric strips 3-5 inches wide – I used about 1/2 yard of white with gray polka-dots.
Wood letter
Mod Podge
Extra fabric for the letter and roses and bow
Ribbon for hanging
Glue Gun

Alright, plug that glue gun in and get it warmed up. Then attach the end of one strip of fabric to your wreath using a dab of glue. Start wrapping the fabric around the wreath and glue and repeat as needed with more strips until the whole form is covered. My pool noodle didn’t hold us very well with the hot glue [kind of melted a bit] but the fabric did stick and is staying on fine.

After your fabric is on, get your wood letter. If you want to paint it, go ahead. If you want to cover it with fabric like I did, use your mod podge and stick it on. I just cute a piece of fabric a little larger than my letter and slit where it would need to fold over. then coat the top of your letter with mod podge and lay the fabric over it, smoothing it toward the edges. Flip the letter over and start painting mod podge and folding the fabric to the back and gluing it down. After you get all of the edges folded to the back paint some mod podge over the whole back. When that is dry flip the letter again and coat the front with mod podge to seal it.

Now, you have to decide what other embellishments you want on your wreath. I tied a black polkadot bow near the top and tied the wreath to the hook with a wide black ribbon. I hung it on the door for awhile like that. I thought I wanted some fabric flowers, but I didn’t have time to make them then. So later on I made some rolled rosettes.

You can find many tutorials for making these, so I won’t repeat. They are so easy to make though! I used all three of the fabrics that I had used on the wreath. Then I just hot glued them onto the wreath.

This wreath is pretty simple to make, but it looks like it took a lot of work. It will also brighten your home and make it more welcoming. Enjoy!

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