Bird Nests

I fell in love with necklaces like this one on etsy: Bird Nest Necklace White & Silver from MDsparks.

Then while hanging out on Pinterest one day, I found this tutorial.

I decided to make one for myself. I bought the wire, chain and clasps at Hobby Lobby. I really liked the dark color instead of silver. I wanted to make my friend one too and I really thought they’d be so easy that I could sell some [now I’m thinking I don’t want to make that many!]

I started with the silver because I thought my friend would like that better and it was the recommended gauge (24) because it is easier to manipulate. I thought that it was more difficult because it was too flimsy and wanted to bend however. Since I couldn’t get it wound as tight it bunched up when I tried to wrap the sides. Doesn’t look much like a nest, does it?

Then I decided to try the darker, 20 gauge wire, which worked much easier for me. I made a nest with 4 eggs for myself and one with 3 eggs for my friend. The only thing I don’t really like about it is the chain. I love the way it looks, but every single link is open and it pulls apart VERY easily. Not a good thing when you have a 9 month old and 3 year old who like shiny pretty things. I wore it to church yesterday and it broke and had to be fixed once. It is easy to put back together, but I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I bought a different chain last night at WM to replace it with when I get tired of trying to keep up with it. It has solid links, but needs some clasps attached.

While these were pretty easy, they don’t look that much like nests in real life and I’m pretty sure I don’t enjoy playing with wire. Too frustrating and tedious for me. Perhaps if I had the right tools, but I don’t think I want to even find out. ;) I enjoy making a necklace here and there, but it’s definitely not my niche!

Speaking of nests, I finished my nest for my neck. Here is my scarf keeping my neck nice and cozy:

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