The topic of priorities keeps coming up around here. I think everyone’s priorities are different and while we may look at someone else’s life and say “why are they able to do this, or get this done” we are doing things that they aren’t. We might say we don’t have time for certain things, but really those things just aren’t as important to us. As these different things have come up, I have evaluated my priorities. Here’s a couple of little lists for you:

Things I always seem to make time for:
Sewing/Knitting/Crafting – at least a couple of times a week
Friends – If you stop by or call me and want to talk or hang out, I drop everything and we hang out. I’m there. (as long as Kody’s at work)
Family – Again, I’m there. I’m all about some family time, all the time! And, there are a couple of friends who fit in the family category.
Cooking/Baking – we have to eat, don’t we?
Laundry & Dishes – these are things that I don’t really like to make time for, but I do, everyday.
Church/Worship – unless we’re sick, we’re there.
Doing things for others – I like to help other people. With little children this is harder, but not totally undoable. This could rally go in both categories depending on the day.

Things that get pushed to the side:
Schooling – I know some of you might get on to me for this one, but it’s true. Some days school just doesn’t seem as important. My children are learning and they are doing well. We don’t always get our books out and sit around the table though. Some days we learn “real life.” I guess this really could go both ways too. Some days schooling really is important to me and we have to get it done.
Other cleaning – all those extra things, like dusting/baseboards/walls/sheets/curtains/blinds/etc., get pushed to the end of the list. If something starts to look extremely gross, I clean it. If it’s not too bad, it can wait another day. :)
Work – If I have custom orders for handmade things (even though they count as crafting) I shove those aside oftentimes in favor of something fun. I don’t like this, but I do it.
Blogging – There are so many days when I have something to say that I don’t say it, simply because I am too busy doing. I have the want, but other things seem to be more important. This is why you don’t see a new post every day.

I know the “Christian Priority List”- God, Family, Everything else. I like to think I have that down. Some days, I guess I do. Some days, I am lacking. We all have our own “everything else” and we choose what to do each day. Don’t be envious of what others seem to get done, until you know what they didn’t get done. Then take a look at what you did and didn’t get done. If your priorities need a shift then make it today!

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