A Tale of Two Quilts

Really, this is a tale of three quilts. It all started in 2009. I got the book: “Quilts, Baby!” It has so many cute quilts that I wanted to make. But, I’m not a fan of difficult patchwork. You see, I am not very exact with my cutting and piecing. The “Intersection” quilt is perfect for people like me.

Taylor was signed up for a Preschool program at our church and, while there, would need a pillow, sheet and blanket. I, of course, wanted her to have a pretty blanket. The best blanket. I decided to try my hand at this quilt. It turned out beautiful and I wanted to keep it for myself. You can read more about that here. (I did let her take it to school and now I do get to use it as a throw blanket.]

A few weeks ago, I threw a baby shower for a close friend. I wanted to give her a gift that would be useful and would be something she could keep forever. I had originally planned to make her some cute baby pants and other small things, but had just been looking at Taylor’s quilt again and thought that would be perfect. So, I went out and bought some farm animal fabric that I thought looked like it fit in with their family. Since she likes red/yellow stuff I chose things with those colors.

The quilt was a hit and apparently I enjoyed making it too, because…

I turned around and ordered some fabric to make Kyler the same quilt. I had been wanting to make him a special quilt, since I’m trying to make one for all the kids. I decided that this one is easy and turns out so pretty and that I wanted to get it done. I didn’t search for fabric, but happened to see this line of Backyard Baby fabric that just came out and I had to get some. I love the trees and bugs/animals in jars. The colors are great and the prints are so cute. I decided to actually do bias tape binding on this one too. The other two quilts I sewed right sides together and turned. I also did 3 stripes on the back of his instead of one fabric. I like it this way, but I only did this because I changed my mind on backing after ordering the fabric. The grey was originally going to be the binding and the white was going to be the backing. I liked the grey print too much and wanted it to show more. When I finished it I wasn’t sure I really liked it for many silly little reasons, but it is growing on me and I am happy he has a quilt.

Now Kristopher needs some kind of quilt…

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  1. allison says:

    great job, tabitha!! love seeing the things you are making :)

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