An Easter Outfit

I usually buy all the kids a new outfit (at least shirts for the boys and a dress for Taylor) for Easter every year. Well, this year we ran out of money for new clothes, so I couldn’t do that. It made me a little sad, but the boys can wear their shirts from last year and as I thought about it I realized that Taylor probably wouldn’t wear whatever cute dress I bought her anyway. A few days ago I went through her closet to find something for her to wear and pulled out several dresses that I thought were pretty enough. (I want to say that I know Easter isn’t about dressing up, and I’ll cover that tomorrow, but I really like being able to buy the kids a new outfit for that day and to dress up – don’t hate me.) So, I took the handful of dresses that I liked for her to choose from and was met with, “no, I’m not wearing any of those.” She didn’t like that they were all sleeveless and of course the fact that they were all dresses. This made me angry and I thought to myself, “oh, you’re going to wear one whether you like it or not!”

Fast forward a few hours. I was looking through some stuff in our sunroom and my eyes ran across the fabric that was partially cut for an outfit I was going to make Taylor for her birthday last year. I obviously never made it. I had all the pieces of the top cut out and it was to have ruffle pants with it. I decided right then, that Taylor would wear that for Easter. I think that was Thursday…

I decided to start with the pants and make them capris so that even if I didn’t finish the whole outfit she could still wear those with a plain shirt and look a little bit dressy. I cut them out and just barely had enough fabric. I had to piece a few pieces together for the ruffle on one leg, but it looks great anyway (if I do say so myself!) I worked on those Thursday night and Friday and finished them. This morning I got up and started working on the top. It was super easy, just took a little time. I worked on it from 9 am until about 2 along with planting some veggies and taking care of kiddos; it really came together quickly. Here is the finished outfit:

She didn’t want to take it off after the photo shoot. I am so glad that she will have something cute and new to wear even if my original plan was shattered. Also super glad that she likes the outfit that I worked hard on!

Details: I made the top using the Sydney pattern from modkid. I did the top option with the pointed hood option. I made the pants using the ruffle pants pattern from Portabellopixie. Love these two designers and the patterns are very easy to follow. The fabric is Flower Fairies from Michael Miller. Here is the fairy print. I think the roses were also in that line, but can’t find a picture. The pink print was given to me by a friend and I don’t know what it is.

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