Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone! I hope that your day is blessed as you celebrate our risen Lord, and Saviour. I pray that if you don’t already know Him or about the Life He gives that you will find someone to tell you about Him. 

We celebrated in pretty much the same way we always have. We dressed up (as I said yesterday I do love to dress up in new clothes. I realize it isn’t important and am doing better with that his year. I still think that one can try to look pretty for Jesus) and went to church. We sang my favorite song ever at church and I tried to contain myself when I really wanted to dance and raise my hands. Then we “hunted” eggs on the front lawn of the church with many of our friends. After that we headed to my in-laws house for our own egg hunt and a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken, vegetables and fruit salad.

Unlike other years, I omitted the kids Easter baskets this year. Kody has always wondered why I buy so much little junk for every holiday and this year I saw how silly it really is. My kids have plenty of stuff and most of the little things don’t last. Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave, is about life. It’s not about plastic junk. And the Easter Bunny doesn’t make an appearance anywhere for us. My kids could care less about him anyway. If you do these things, and enjoy them, I have no qualms with you. We all have to do what is right for our family. I have just realized that a little bit of fun and candy are all we want. All we need is Christ Himself.

A post that really encouraged me and helped me to make this decision to simplify Easter is here, an excerpt from the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I would like to do something similar and applaud that church for what they did. I am hoping to get the book 7 and read it. It sounds perfect for helping me and encouraging me in what I already want to do.

Be blessed, friends. Help someone today, make disciples, love Jesus by loving others, show Him you appreciate his sacrifice. Encourage others to do the same.

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