Birthday Party Prep

All week I have been trying to clean and get birthday party decorations done for Kyler’s first birthday party. He is actually 52 weeks old today, since he was born on Wednesday, but his birthday(te) is Friday.

I made his invitations a few weeks ago and handed them out. Here they are:

He is having an owl themed party, since he is my owl baby. He can decide what he likes for future parties…the first one is really for the parents anyway. ;) We are on a “spend no money” budget currently, so I have had to search for all the owls in our house. Since I love owls this isn’t too hard of a task. I have some cute little owl statues and I made a little banner with some fabric scraps that I will tie to some small branches on party day. I also am making a paper banner with owls on each end that will say something birthday related – haven’t gotten that far. I will use the two owls that are on that scrapbook paper. I stamped some little food labels. We’re having a cookout, so these probably aren’t needed, but are cute!

Last in the picture is Kyler’s new shirt that I just finished a little bit ago. I saw some shirts like this when I did a search. They were all crazy expensive from companies that just churn them out quickly on machines. I like mine better and it was an easy quick thing to make, using a cheap t-shirt from Wally World and supplies I already had. I didn’t use anything to stabilize the back where I did embroidery, which probably would make the shirt last longer, but it will definitely last for a few washes. (and really, how many times will he wear a shirt with a 1 on it?)

Easy peasy birthday on a budget if you have a large supply of crafty things in themes you like at your house. The only things I’m buying are food and that t-shirt. My friend Courtney is making the cake and a cute little owl smash cake for Kyler. I can’t wait to see them – she is awesome! Hoping for something similar to the bottom of this with an owl on top. I decided that this would be fun and then I don’t have to try to make the cake that I am dreaming of. This weekend will already be busy enough!

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  1. allison says:

    happy birthday to kyler!!!

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