1 Year Old

Today is Kyler’s first birthday!

At 12 months old he:

weighs 16 lbs. 5 oz.
is 27″ tall.
is sitting up well.
is crawling (army style) everywhere and trying to keep up with all the “big” people.
is pulling up on things – mostly chairs and stools. He likes to pull up on the bottom step and look at what has been left on the steps.
is still so patient and calm and sweet and perfect!

Tomorrow is his party, so I’ll be back with pictures. He will be our only baby to have his own smash cake and I can’t wait to photograph him playing! Maybe that will help him gain some weight too, since he got a less than stellar report at the doctor. Apparently he lost some weight according to their records, but I’m not seeing the same thing in mine… Anyway, I’m still interested to find out more about getting more calories into my two littlest boys who eat all the time and are still little bitty. So, back on the subject, I can’t wait for the party and I will post about it all soon. Going to be a fun busy day and I hope he enjoys it!

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