Scenes from Kyler’s Party

We had a cookout for Kyler’s first birthday party. It was owl themed, as I’ve mentioned before. Here are the best pictures from the day. Descriptions follow if you are interested. :)

1. A banner I made. It says “Happy 1 Birthday Kyler!” I forgot to at the st to the 1 before hanging it. I’ve been told I should have left spaces between the words, but I like it fine.
2. Kyler’s smash cake. This is the first time we’ve done this. The other kids all just got to have a piece of their cake in their high chair. It was fun! Cake made by my friend Courtney. Carrot Cake with buttercream icing. It was so good – a bunch of us tasted the back after he finished playing with the front.
3. The large cake for all the party guests. Also made by Courtney. This one was chocolate with white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing. The chocolate that she does never disappoints!
4. This was the food. That white platter held burgers, hotdogs and veggie burgers. Of course, I didn’t take a picture of it with food and I didn’t take any close up shots for the blog… Oh well! We had fruit salad and chips with the meat.
5 & 6. This is the picnic table gussied up. I made a little fabric banner and hung it from some tree branches stuck in jars of dirt. The wind was blowing pretty hard before the party, so the better picture is from after the party. We had mason jars with pretty stripey straws for drinks. My favorite!
7. The best picture I got showing his birthday shirt that I made. From soccer earlier in the day. It turned out so cute on him!
8. Obligatory birthday picture with Granddaddy.
9. Kyler and his friend Hunter. The only party guest his size who was able to make it.
10. Birthday dinner. Eating his first hamburger with his favorite, watermelon, on the side.
11. Testing the cake.
12-15. Smash Cake. He really didn’t dig into it too much, mostly just the icing. He did have lots of fun though!
16. Birthday boy after the party with Mommy.
17. Playing with a balloon and sitting with Daddy.

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