*New Product* Pleated Clutch

I made a cute little purse called the Buttercup bag, maybe a couple of years ago. I found the free pattern on made by RAE and then saw that if I bought the pattern in 2 sizes I could sell them too, so of course I bought the license! Then I proceeded to not make any more of the bags. Until now. A few weeks ago I gave that little bag to a little girl when her sister was born. The mom asked me if I could make the same bag, only without the strap and with a zipper as a pouch for keeping her stuff in the diaper bag. I said, “oh, yeah. I can do that.” I had never put a zipper in anything, but I knew I could figure it out. Now I can’t stop making these cute little bags! The zipper was surprisingly easy (I hope I’m doing it right!) and I’ve added a little wrist strap to my latest ones.

The aqua and green floral bag was my first zipper. :)

The yellow bag belongs to me. I used a napkin that I got from my favorite store to make it. I just love the combinations of fabric on all of them; it’s so hard to pick a favorite!

I have this black one cut out, but I am not sure how to finish it. Taylor has claimed it and she wants it to have a long strap (crossbody), but still have a zipper. I’m not sure how to go about that. I think she’s going to get upset if I wait too much longer to get it finished though!

I’m still making other things too. Have a couple of notebook covers on the back burner right now and finished a baby quilt yesterday that I wasn’t all that happy with when it was finished… Wish I could have a redo on it:

The front is fine and I really like it, but you can tell I was sewing quickly on the back. That’s what I get for procrastinating. I hope the back doesn’t drive the new parents as crazy as it did me in the 15 minutes I got to look at it. No pictures of the back since I was in a hurry. I’m just glad I made it to the baby shower, even if I was late. It was wonderful to see the family open all their gifts and to be a part of the blessing. And, someone asked me about my nest necklaces yesterday too. I just wish I could remember who it was! So, if I show you my necklace sometime this week it’s because I can’t remember who asked me to see one!

I’m thinking of changing my etsy shop name. I think I might go with Awesome Accessories. I like it, but I’m just not sure. I want to start putting things in there again, but I want to have a good name that I like… Any suggestions?

Have a blessed week friends!

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