18 months

I’m a little late, but I want to remember this stuff, so I must get it down. Kyler turned 18 months old on October 13.

At his check up on the 15th he was 19 lbs. 4 oz. and 30″ tall. He is in the 5th-10th percentile, so most kids his age are bigger than him. I already knew this. ;) He still doesn’t like to have his length/height measured and screams when he is laid on the doctor’s table for any reason. His doctor did tell me he looks great and is doing much better than he was earlier this year, when we had the not growing/he’s too small scare. He’s still small, but looks healthy. He also finally started walking around 17 months. We are relieved that he is doing better! He’s still not really saying any words, but he is babbling in his baby language, so that works for me. Eh? is what I hear most often.

At 18 months old, Kyler is all boy. I have 2 other boys, but they have always been very calm and kind of reserved. They do boy things, but don’t have the typical stereotype boy personality. Kyler has a great [usually calm] personality, but he is definitely a boy. In the past month, we have learned that he enjoys playing in the toilet, throwing things in the trash, playing with sticks and being outside, putting underwear on his head, spinning in circles and running around in circles and climbing on the kitchen table and emptying the salt or smearing the entire stick of butter on himself. He likes to explore and put everything in his mouth. He’s not scared of anything, it seems, and he loves to see and grab animals. Of course he also loves to snuggle with people and he loves his blankie. There are moments that I wonder what we’re going to do with him, but he is a sweet little thing and I can forget about all the difficult moments. I just love being his (and my other kids’) mommy. This is definitely the job I was cut out for!

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