Just a little sock

I was cleaning up some things in the sunroom and reorganizing craft supplies a few days ago. I found a sock that I started when I was in the hospital when Kameron was born. I remember working on it and trying to stay awake with a clear head which was impossible to do on the post c-section drugs. I only got a little bit done while I was there and over the next few weeks I guess I almost finished it. When I found it all that it lacked was kitchnering the toe.

So, I decided since Kameron is over 4 years old now that these socks need to be finished. I apparently forgot how to kitchner stitch a toe, but what I did works. I will read and relearn before I finish the second sock. I began that second sock Sunday and hopefully will finish it in time to have a new pair of socks for Christmas.

Once it’s done I have a couple of other socks started that I can work on and hopefully get done this winter too. Happy knitting fever anyone?

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