When The Holidays Are Hard

I’ve been going back and forth in my head on whether to write this post, but I think that I need to, so, here goes:

Holidays can be hard for many reasons depending on who you are. This year the holiday season just happens to be really tough financially for us (so far). Kody gets paid once a month so sometimes there are four weeks between paychecks and sometimes five. November to December was a five week month and the month before was only four weeks. So to begin we had to live for five weeks with four weeks pay. While this should not be a big deal if we budgeted correctly it usually is tough since we live paycheck to paycheck. Add in the unexpected (kind of) and very large bill and a few other things and trying to buy some Christmas gifts things got out of control.

Right around Thanksgiving we knew there was no way we’d have enough money and we figured out about when we’d run out and have to use our credit card or ask someone for help. I am pleased to tell you that we didn’t have to do either! God has provided everything we NEED for the last 3 weeks and even thrown in some sweet fun things for us. He has also stretched me and really worked on my heart and mind. Those things were not so fun, but I know I needed them. During this time we have gone through our cabinets and used up almost everything in them. We learned how to make do and not be so picky. Some friends at church have given us things like popcorn, cookies and treats that were extra without knowing that we were having trouble and not enjoying any treats right now. A sweet friend gave us some cds to listen to that we have enjoyed so much (probably would have anyway) but a gift when you’re feeling kind of down is so much better and brightens a day!

Now, I have to talk about the other blessings. When we moved in there were three old buildings on our property that needed to be torn down. Two have now been torn down and all of them were full of old junk and metal. The pile of mess from one of them was and is still partially to the side of our house. It is a huge eyesore and every single day I have wished it wasn’t there. I’m going to take that back! Kody, my wonderful hard working huband, has taken two large loads of metal the past two weeks and gotten enough money for a few groceries and for the two bills that were due before another paycheck would come. I also have had a few orders come in for handmade things so that I could contribute. All of these things have been crazy awesome blessings to us and none of the givers have known just how much. I pray that each of them will be blessed immensely in return!

Tomorrow is payday and things will be back to normal. We won’t be living extravagantly or anything, but we won’t have to scrape. And, we’ll still be in our warm house filled with stuff. One of the things that we have thought about many times over the past three weeks is that this is a temporary thing for us. Some people have to scrape by and find money and food where they can and some can’t. Last night at church in my class we watched the last Truth Project lesson. It dealt with the needy. How God loves the needy and cares for them and will lift them up. I was ready to cry the whole time. No, I don’t think we are needy. I think we are rich compared to so many. Not in money, but because we have a God who loves us and we KNOW it. God does supply the needs of those who love Him. What better time to be reminded of it than Christmas?

Saturday, we are going to a birthday party for Jesus, where we will be giving food or money to help the real needy. Those who really don’t have enough money to buy food. Those who don’t have anyone to ask for help. Those who don’t have clean water. Those who have nothing to call their own. The least of these. Sometimes I feel invisible, but there are a lot of people out there who to many of us (not excluding myself here) are practically invisible. Please help someone who needs help this Christmas. Live like Jesus would. If you feel Him leading you to give something to someone, do it. You never know how much that will mean to the other person. If you don’t know Jesus, ask someone to introduce you. He’s always waiting and He loves you already.

Merry Christmas!

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