You Don’t Hurt Children

Such a sad, sad day. I can not believe that the school shooting happened in CT. I’m not sure why this one hit me so hard. Perhaps it was the age of the children. I have been asking God all day who could do such a thing. I’m praying for all the families of those sweet children and for the others who lost loved ones. I have wept several times today for them. I can imagine what I would do in that situation and I don’t want to anymore.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this post has to do with facebook posts that have popped up all day. People on my feed have said over and over “YOU DON”T HURT CHILDREN”. These same people last month voiced their opinions on abortion and how they are good things. My question is how can you think hurting these sweet 5 year old children and taking their lives is any different from taking a sweet baby’s life. I just don’t see a difference! THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Here’s the thing: “YOU DON”T HURT ANYBODY” whether they are a tiny little thing in their mother’s womb or a child or a teenager or a middle aged person or a 100 year old. That is what we need to be saying.

That is all. Lord God, please help us and please comfort all those who are hurting tonight.

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