What a day…

at least the moon is pretty. :)

That was my facebook status a few minutes ago and it really has been a day for the books. It was supposed to be a pretty simple day, just an orthodontist appointment for Kristopher and then home to do some schoolwork and let the kids continue recovering from our Rotavirus outbreak. Well, here’s how the day actually went:

8:00 I woke up and was able to exercise before the kids got up and check my email. This was a great start! Then I took a shower. As soon as I got out of the shower the power went off (Praise God it didn’t go off while I was in there!) The power didn’t come on until a few hours after we left, so I didn’t get to fix my hair, which would have been nice, but still, not the end of the world.

10:00 We left home to drive the 45 minutes to Mayfield for the appointment. I decided to stop at the gas station on the way. Their pumps weren’t working right and I had to go to the cashier’s booth. A little older lady was in front of me and didn’t understand/couldn’t hear the attendant, so that took awhile. We finally got going again and made it to Mayfield at 10:56, 4 minutes before our appointment.

10:56 I don’t know my way around Mayfield. There was a bunch of roadwork and signs saying the road was closed. I had no idea what to do so I just kept driving, hoping that I would end up where I was supposed to. Turns out I was on the road I was supposed to be on, but I couldn’t find the orthodontist because they changed their name and didn’t tell me and the new sign is one of those plastic tarp-y ones on the side of the building instead of a real business sign. So we passed it and then after I knew we’d gone too far I turned around and saw it. So, we were late. Of course my kids were wild (too wild for a tiny waiting room, at least) after riding in the van for an hour after just waking up.

11:30 I got to talk to Dr. Debbie about Kristopher’s teeth. Good news: he only has 4 baby teeth left and they should fall out soonish, so we might be able to start the braces process in about 6 months. Bad news: we get to start the braces process in about 6 months. That will entail about 2 years of wearing the braces. It will also entail some lasering/trimming of gums as the teeth squeeze together and cause gums to squish out (pretty sure Kristopher wasn’t really listening to this part or he didn’t understand or he would have been crying) Also found out that his front teeth are damaged from too much air hitting them while he sleeps. They will always have the discoloring on the bottom part, but there are (probably costly) things we can do after the 2 years of braces to fix them. Fun times. I hope the other three kids don’t have to go through all of this!

12:00 Everyone was hungry, except Kyler. I fed him a baby cereal bar and one of those baby food pouches (we call them squeezy fruit) while at the orthodontist. We drove across the street to Wendy’s. The big kids were begging to go inside, but I told them no, because Kyler still wasn’t well enough (the little boys have been battling what I thought was Rotavirus since last Wednesday and Friday). We pulled up to the drive through and as soon as the lady said “can I take your order”, I heard yelling from the back seat. Kyler was throwing up. Really makes you want to eat Wendy’s! I cleaned him up the best I could with a t-shirt from the donate bags in the back and wet wipes and took all his clothes off and covered him with a blanket. He hadn’t thrown up yet with this bout of illness and he had been so pitiful in the office that I decided to call and make him a doctor appointment. They couldn’t see him until 3:30 and I didn’t want to drive home and then back to town, so I broke down and called Kody’s parents to see if they’d let me invade their house with sick people and if they’d watch the big kids while I took Kyler later. They said yes, yay for wonderful in-laws, even though they were on their way to Mayfield at the time to restock their groceries.

12:45 We got to Gram and Grandaddy’s house and let ourselves in, where I proceeded to wash the carseat and clothes and give the sick boy a bath. Everyone else got drinks and sat down in front of the TV and I for once didn’t care that they were sitting there being vegetables.

1:45 Sweet relief. Grandparents arrived home and helped entertain and love 4 children and mommy got a little bit of rest and encouragement.

3:30-6:00 The doctor confirmed my suspicions about Rotavirus. I had it Wednesday. Kameron had it Wednesday through yesterday and Kyler had it Friday and continues to. He is already partly dehydrated, but she let us go home. He got some phenergan while there to keep him from throwing up again, hopefully. She wants him to drink at least an ounce per waking hour and keep it in and make a wet diaper every 6-8 hours (at least) or he has to go to the hospital. [He drank a whole cup full of capri sun tonight and is now sleeping, so hopefully that will be good for now. Praying that his tummy settles some over the night!]

6:30 I got back to Kody’s parents house and Kody had arrived not too long before me. After hitting a deer. Thankfully, no damage to the car or him. The deer? Who knows, who cares? Not me today!

7:00 Another diarrhea diaper from Kyler. No more vomiting, but we can’t keep losing the liquid. :(

9:30 Momma is tired and emotionally worn out and Kameron is screaming for no reason. Everyone else has gone to bed. I think I’ll pop in Season 3 of Downton Abbey (while I listen to the crazy storm winds and pray there won’t be a tornado!!) and start catching up…I’ve heard it’s going to make me cry though… is that really what I need tonight? Actually, I think it is. Blessings to you friends! Please pray for us this week!

{Pictures are all of my sickly boys from Saturday, Sunday and one from today. I think Kyler’s frowny face with all the smiley stickers is pretty hilarious. I loved all my snuggle time with them this weekend, but I wish they felt well.}

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  1. Kristin says:

    Oh man. There seems to be so much sickness going around. Hope you all feel well soon and stay well!

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