Close Enough

Believe it or not, this is the first blanket/quilt/large item I’ve made for my oldest child. I didn’t re-learn to knit or sew until he was about 4 years old, so he missed out on all the baby blankets and quilts. When I did start making lots of things they were all small items that didn’t take too long. Then Taylor got the first big quilt because I was so excited about decorating a girl room and Kristopher already had bedding, while she did not. I’ve been collecting pirate fabric for a couple of years and talked about making him a quilt at every holiday, but it just never got done. Then, Sarah Jane released her newest fabric line: Out to Sea.

All of a sudden, I was ready to piece a quilt top. All the quilts I make are simple. I am not a fancy quilter and I like a quick project. I used a pack of fat quarters which I cut into 4 pieces each and then arranged how I wanted them. I also had a yard of her map fabric, so I added a map to the middle with a little bit of other fabric that I had flanking it to fit. I was and am happy with the top. For the back I bought a navy sheet and added another of the maps just so it wouldn’t be plain. I actually finished all of this before Kristopher’s birthday and showed it to him.

Then we dropped it off at our local sewing store to be quilted because I don’t have enough room to work on quilting a huge quilt and I did not want plain straight lines. I picked the pattern and asked them to quilt it side to side so it would look like waves. Well, the apparently didn’t listen or I wasn’t clear enough, because I got it back with the waves going down the quilt instead of side to side. It also has several mistakes all over it and just really wasn’t a good job at all. And worst of all they charged me way more than they did for Taylor’s quilt. I’m pretty disappointed with the job they did, but I didn’t take the quilt out and inspect it until I got home and calling to complain didn’t seem like the right thing to do. Maybe straight lines will be good enough for my next quilt… Since they left plenty of fabric around all four sides for me, I took the easy way out and just folded it over twice and did the binding that way. The back doesn’t look that pretty at the edges and who knows how well the waves will hold up when I wash it, but I’ll deal with that later. For now it’s done and on Kristopher’s bed; finished in the actual birthday month, too!

Here he is pretending to sleep on it. Now, we just need to get that room repainted so it matches his bedding!

And, just to recap his birthday:

The Saturday before his and Kody’s birthday just the three of us went to lunch and then to see The Hobbit. We all enjoyed that. Kristopher and I dressed up a little.

A picture of him opening presents on his birthday. He wanted to open them first thing when he woke up before changing or anything. I’m not sure if he’s sleepy or disappointed or just too cool for being excited about presents…

My eleven year old. With a rashy chin from suctioning a cup to it. Just like his mom did when she was around that age. ;/

Birthday cupcakes and silliness.

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