Feeling the Love

Since it’s February first and everyone else seems to be blogging about Valentine’s day decorations and I got emails about a bunch of cute printables, I decided that I would get in on the fun.

I found my printable cards at Paper Coterie and my cute banner at Snapfish. Snapfish has several free printable sets that you can use for parties. Somehow I missed out on all of this, until now. It makes me so happy that I can print cute things for free for holidays, especially since I don’t decorate that much for “little” holidays. :) It also makes me happy that my drink was in the Valentine mood. I’m planning to use the little cards throughout the month as pick me ups for my family. Some of them might even get stuck up around the house.

Here is my Valentine mantel:

And a close up of the banner – love the cute sayings:

I cut some hearts out with the plain patterned paper to stick around the house. I do have to say that I didn’t follow the directions for the banner and I printed everything on regular printer paper because I’m cheap like that and impatient. I wanted my decorates now!

My current projects (for a friend’s baby girl) are also keeping up with the pink/red theme.

Happy February 1, everyone!

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