When did weather become so important?

I was thinking, yesterday, about weather. How I’m ready for real spring weather. Warm sunny days with some rainy (but still warm) days scattered in. That weather hasn’t arrived yet to western Kentucky. Anyway, I also thought about how when I was younger, a child, I thought it was funny that people always talked about the weather. I mean, who really cared what it was going to be in a few days or if it was going to rain. I always thought that maybe weather was what people talked about when they didn’t actually have anything to talk about. Now that I am over 30 I am beginning to see myself talk about the weather. Weather is important. It helps us know when to plant good things to eat. I find myself a little over obsessed about the weather if there is something I want to do outside or when I want our family to be able to wear certain clothes. I know that’s silly, but I checked the weather forecast way too many times in the days leading up to our family pictures last fall and I am now doing the same thing leading up to Easter. I am making the kids and myself clothes for this Easter and I had certain outfits in mind and now I don’t want to change them. Working feverishly to get everything done before next Sunday!

So, how about you? Is weather important to you or do you just go with the flow and not ever check the forecast? Do you find yourself discussing the weather often? Did anyone else think that was silly when you were a child? Don’t tell me if I’m the only one. :) Be blessed and pray for warmer days!

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  1. allison says:

    As a child, I remember loving the weather no matter what it was. Thunderstorms were exciting. Running in the rain was fun. Tornadoes weren’t that scary, and sun was a reason to run around outside all day long. Now I’m more particular. I especially don’t like the cold rain of winter. Snow is fun and beautiful, but it doesn’t bring the same excitement as when I was a child. As a child, I thought icicles were beautiful and amazing. Today I think icicles are beautiful, but it always brings a warning in my mind of ice storms and possible loss of heat and electricity. As an adult, I take the weather more seriously, whether the roads will be slick or dangerous or not. I think about the weather in terms of wrangling/persuading my kids into wearing appropriate shoes (no flip flops and shorts in the snow!). My kids have been tickled at the times I’ve thrown off adult restraint and let them get muddy, play in the rain, or play in the snow longer than I want to be outside. As it is, I hardly ever check the forecast. I can count on my mom or my friends on facebook to alert me of possible weather. The only time I check the weather is during trip planning (because I don’t want to walk through the zoo in the rain, ha)

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