I made this pair of pirate shorts for Kameron a couple of weeks ago as a test. This is my favorite pants pattern, but it only goes up to size 18-24 months. I had decided that I would try to make it bigger because I wanted Kyler and Kameron to have matching shorts for Easter and I thought Kyler would probably wear the 18-24 month size. So, I measured my guys and then started looking at the measurement chart in my book. Well, according to that Kyler would wear the 0-3 month size and Kameron would be in the 3-6 month size. I know my children are small, but I didn’t think they were that freakishly tiny! Anyway, after talking to a friend for advice, I decided to do a test run, using the largest size and just fitting the waist to Kameron’s waist. I was going to change the length to make shorts anyway, so that didn’t matter. The test worked, so now he has a cute pair of pirate shorts. :)

DSCN7453 DSCN7454 DSCN7456

The pattern is Quick Change Trousers from the book Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. It is a wonderfully easy pattern to follow and the pants/shorts can be made in about 2 hours start to finish. And, actually, I just found this cute adaptation to the pattern on her blog. Also, this pattern that she has available for larger sizes of the best patterns from her book. Yay!

I am in a hurry for Spring, like I told you yesterday. The weather is not cooperating at all. Here is what we got earlier today:

DSCN7441 DSCN7445 DSCN7446

That is marble sized hail. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is snow. I’m hoping that it really will be in the 60s by next weekend so everyone can wear and be comfortable in their new Easter duds. Here is a peek at the Myers Family’s exclusive Easter clothes:


Still working on the rest. Here is my list so far:
Skirt for myself
Matching shorts for Kameron & Kyler
Tie shirt for Kyler
Bowtie for Kameron
Tie for Kristopher
Ruffle Pants for Taylor
Ruffle Bib shirt for Taylor

With the illness that has descended on our house once again, I am getting plenty of sewing time. I am not sure what the kids have, but they have had fevers off and on all week and sore throat/cough/congestion. We may end up at the doctor yet, because I would like everyone to be well before next weekend! Have a blessed Palm Sunday, everyone!

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