Must Have Birdcages

An alternate title for this post could be: The one in which I change my mind [again and again].

You all know I’ve been doing some Easter sewing. Last year, I made just one outfit. It was a hooded tunic and ruffle capris for Taylor and you can read about it here. In the past couple of years I have decided not to buy everyone new Easter clothes, even though I really want to (you can read about that in the same post from last year.) So this year, I am a little more ambitious. Actually, all I have left to make is a tie for Kristopher, so I think I’ll reach all of my goals! Maybe I’ll add in a hair flower clip for myself if I have time…

Anyway, this is supposed to be about Taylor’s outfit this year, so let’s get back on track. When I got the Lands’ End Kids early spring catalog the cover had a little girl with a beautiful dress with birdcages and birds all over it. I really, really wanted to break down and buy it, but it was so much for one dress and my princess doesn’t like dresses, so I didn’t.

Fast forward a few days and I saw this picture of some clothes that a local boutique was going to have for sale. So cute! But, still way out of our price range for clothes. So, I knew I could copy the look I wanted. I wanted the striped bib shirt with longer sleeves and the ruffle pants. I really wanted to use fabric that I already had, thus making the outfit even cheaper, but when I went through it and picked something acceptable I couldn’t find a shirt that I thought would work and I had to have the stripes. So, I started keeping my eye out for cute fabric.


During that time that I was just browsing, the Lands’ End dress went on sale, for 30% off. That was a pretty good deal, so I decided I would just buy it since I liked it so much. Too bad for me (or maybe good, depending on how you look at it) her size and the ones close to it were sold out. So, no birdcage dress. I did briefly consider ordering the largest girl’s size, hoping it would fit me…shh, don’t tell!

I got serious about my fabric search and looked at anything with birds on it. Then, I found it. Fabric with birdcages and pretty aqua birds all over it. And a beautiful large floral fabric on gray background. These were perfect for my not so girly, girly girl. I was still lacking a striped shirt. Seriously, why is it so hard to find a wide striped short sleeve shirt in a girl’s cut? I found one with thin stripes that I thought would work on ebay. It was gray, white, and turquoise. It didn’t match at all in real life. So I searched everywhere that I could think of. Finally, one day while I was doing the laundry, I came across one of Taylor’s long sleeve shirts. It has gray and white stripes. Perfect stripes and almost matching the gray of the pants. It had fingernail polish stains all over it. I had been planning the bib collar/front for the shirt, but that wouldn’t cover the stains. I decided to use it anyway and figure something out later.

Here’s the final outfit. Ruffle pants made from Sandi Henderson’s pattern with a slight modification to have the birdcage layer. I chopped the shirt sleeves off and made them elbow length, which is more my girl’s style than cap sleeves anyway. To cover all the nail polish (well, all but a couple small spots) I made a different kind of bib front, keeping the ruffles and buttons that I liked so much from the above picture. When given several choices of buttons, Taylor chose the black with pink thread. I probably would have used some little shiny yellow ones. :) The birdcage fabric is from the Dear Stella J’Adore line for Timeless Treasures and the floral is Tweet Birdie Tweet from Michael Miller

DSCN7460 DSCN7461 DSCN7462 DSCN7463

Even after everything I went through to make this outfit (seriously, first world problems) I am so happy with it. In fact, maybe I’m so happy with it because of all of that. It is going to be so cute on her this Sunday!

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  1. Courtney says:

    That’s adorable! Great job, Tabitha!!! Wish I had your mad sewing skills…;)

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