The Flu

You know how I told you a few days ago that the big kids were all sick? Well, they seemed to be getting better so I never took them to the doctor. Then, on Wednesday, Kyler woke up with a fever and was acting kind of wimpy. After a couple of hours he laid down and fell asleep on his own and during the nap he whimpered and looked like he couldn’t get comfortable and he contorted himself into strange positions. When he woke up he had a high fever and wouldn’t move. Usually, if I walk away from him when he’s not feeling well he will follow, crying. He did not move anything but his eyes. So I took him to the doctor. I went in hoping for ear infections or even strep throat. We came out with the diagnosis of flu. And, she said that was probably what the other kids had too. You know your boy is sick when he does not make a peep while blood is being drawn. He didn’t care for the little fuzzy stick up the nose though… While it was too late to do anything for the big kids (they were mostly better anyway), Kyler could get Tamiflu. So we started that as soon as we got home. I am not a fan of the flu shot and we don’t get them, but that Tamiflu is something else. He was pathetic the rest of the day Wednesday, and then this afternoon after his nap and the second dose of Tamiflu this morning, he is like a new person. It is like he was never sick. I’m so glad that he is feeling better and that it looks like we will all be healthy this weekend.


Here he is Wednesday night. He wouldn’t lay his head down. Everytime I tried to make so he looked comfortable he popped it back as far as it would go and looked at me with those glassy eyes. Poor thing!

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