Have you seen an Alien Car?

A recent conversation with my little storyteller. He has such an imagination! We love it and him. :)

Kameron: Does an Alien Car have lights that make it so it can go really fast?

Me: I don’t know, I’ve never seen one… Have you?

Kameron: Yes.

Me: Where?

Kameron: In real life it was by my door. It had lots of lights: Some were yellow and some were red and some were blue.

Me: When did you see it?

Kameron: I don’t remember. It was there a bunch of days.

Me: Well, did you build it?

Kameron: No, it was there in real life.

Me: Well, did it have aliens in it?

Kameron: It had some, but it only has two seats so it didn’t have very many.

Me: So it had two aliens in two seats and lots of lights that were yellow, red and blue?

Kameron: Yes, and I think it had some black lights too.

Kody: Were the aliens good aliens or bad aliens?

Kameron: All aliens are good aliens! …except sometimes when we play toy story, Kristopher makes the aliens be the bad guys and they are mean. (he expounded here, but I can’t remember all of what he said.)

If you have a chance you should get Kameron to tell you a story. You won’t be sorry and he will be the happiest boy in the world if you let him talk!

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