A Little Bit of Random in List Form

I like lists, but these things don’t go together, unless we title it “things I’ve been up to for the past month” and that just doesn’t sound as fun to me.

1. I mowed about 1/3 of our yard today, to help Kody out since he didn’t get to last weekend and now it is supposed to rain much of this weekend as well. I push mowed the yard until I ran out of gas. I’m pretty sure I deserve some sort of treat or something, because guys, that is a work-out and even though I don’t like taking medicines if I don’t really need to, I may have a date with the benadryl later tonight…

2. I’ve been feeling kind of stressed lately because of homeschooling. I feel like (and Kody does too, sometimes I think more than me) this is what God is telling us to do. However, I don’t always feel like I’m doing a good job, or even an adequate one. I read this post this morning and I am feeling much better. I do need to quit comparing our family to other homeschoolers. I need to quit expecting all of my children to be the same and learn the same and know exactly what other people know. As long as they are learning and becoming themselves and, of course, young men and woman of God, that’s all He requires. World, schmurld.

3. We celebrated Kyler’s 2nd birthday in April. It was very low key, but perfect for this year. His grandparents came over and we played lots and had a yummy grilled dinner and dessert (not cake). He got a few presents and was a happy boy. He fell asleep at 7 in his chair because of all the fun he’d had. We haven’t had his 2 year old check-up, but maybe I can remember to post about it when we do. :)


4. April was also a field trip heavy month for us. We enjoyed going to a local organic gardening store where the kids learned about planting and were able to plant their own edible basket garden to bring home. We also went to the Nature Station at LBL for the first Annual Homeschooler’s Day. That was fun, but so cold! We learned about birds and got to see some up close. I hope that this is something they will continue to do for years!


DSCN7878 DSCN7876

5. Our church called a new pastor last weekend. We got to meet him and his family over the weekend and then hear him preach Sunday. He was called with a 99.5% vote. Very awesome! Here is his blog in case you are interested. I really like what he has to say. We are so excited about his family joining and leading our church.

6. Sarah Jane Studios will be releasing it’s new fabric into stores very soon. I can’t wait to get some and make some fun things for the kids. You can see it on her blog, the Let’s Pretend Line. Once again her fabrics are all very cute. She is my favorite fabric designer.

7. I know life changes and people change, but I’m kind of having some trouble with that right now. Feeling kind of lonely and I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s the other people. I don’t like change and I don’t like being alone. I guess I kind of had my “depressed month” a couple months late this year, but April was really hard. Feel like I might be starting to snap out of it, but maybe not at the same time.

8. Kyler was able to get his cast taken off on April 22. It was so nice to give him a real, full body bath again. 7 weeks with that cast was a long time for the Mommy, even though he didn’t care. He had, over the course of those 7 weeks, stuck 2 ds styluses and a lego sword inside it. Who knows when he actually put them in… The big kids went along the day he got it taken off and they were kind of grossed out by all the dead skin on his arm when it was free. Guess we haven’t studied that well enough, yet! It was funny to see their reactions and how concerned they were about their little brother. He sat very still and was good for everything to do with the cast, putting it on, pulling things out, x-rays, cutting it off. Such a good, sweet, boy I have.

DSCN7905The free, kind of gross, arm.

9. I’m already ready for my birthday. I love birthdays and I love getting older. I know it bothers a lot of people and no one wants to say their real age, but I always say mine proudly. Perhaps that is something to do with being told so many times that I look like a teenager, but I don’t think so. ;)

10. I’ve been reading the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place books. I really like the writing style and so far the content isn’t too bad (I’m on the second book), but I can see something to do with werewolves coming and I don’t really like that. Hope I’m wrong! The three children were found in the woods and were obviously raised by wolves. The couple that has them hires the main character as their governess. She is a stunning 15 year old girl. I could only wish I was as awesome as her! Anyway, if you haven’t heard of them you should definitely check out the first two books.

Happy weekend, friends. I’ll be reading and hopefully not cleaning too much and maybe doing a little sewing.

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