Kyler at Two Years


We had Kyler’s 2 year old check up almost a month late, because this mommy is slacking like that, these days. On May 6th, we found out what we already know. He is tiny, but he is on the chart in the 8th percentile, and he is doing just fine. This was a much better report than we got last year. :)

He weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces and is 32″ tall. He is quickly catching up to Kameron in size. He is saying many words, like: go, car, belly-button, up, uh-oh, one, two, three, toes, momma, dadda, baby, yummy, apple, yucky, night-night, and ball. It seems like he has a new word everyday and he likes to copy what people say now. His favorite toys are cars and he likes to say brm, brm, brm and points at cars everywhere he seems them. He does still say “eh” and points at what he wants when he wants it most of the time.

For his second birthday we celebrated with a small family party and a few presents. He was a happy boy and that’s all that matters! It’s good to see him grow and become more independent. He is so much fun and still so sweet and snuggly too. I think this is definitely my favorite age.

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