Fancy Pants

I have been wanting to make myself a new bag for awhile now. I loved these chevron messenger bags from the Pleated Poppy, but a) am not really a messenger bag girl and b) can’t pay $85 for a bag. Then a friend at church had a cute fossil bag that was made with oilcloth and I really liked that because it would stay cleaner. I looked at those bags and couldn’t shell out the cash for one either. So, I decided to make a plan and buy some laminated chevron fabric and add the cute sash with belt loop detail to my bag.

DSCN8440 DSCN8445

I also wanted two straps, not a long one. I added a divider to the middle and thought about putting a zipper pocket in the divider, but decided against that.

DSCN8441 DSCN8444

I like how I can put my small stuff in one section and my bible or books, or kids stuff in the other side. The sash is just cotton fabric and I am going to make a couple more so I can switch them out.


I’m very happy with my fancy new bag. Making one makes me want to sew more pretty bags, and I don’t need lots. I already have an order for one more though, so that gives me a reason to make another. :)

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