School’s Out!


Here Taylor is finishing up some work today.

Sadly, we didn’t get to finish our My Father’s World curriculum this year, but we are going to take a break from schooling for all of June and most of July. We will finish what we didn’t in the early fall and then being next year’s curriculum. We did manage to get our English and Math done, just not the rest.

We are all ready for some summer fun though! Next week starts many of our summer activities, like the reading program at the library and totally nutty trips with church. Kristopher will be going to camp in a couple of weeks. Kody has a conference for work to go to in sunny California; I’m a tad jealous and wish I could go too… We have VBS to look forward to in several weeks and also are hoping to visit family later this summer. The kids want to swim, and really, I do too, though I don’t really enjoy the public pool. I’m sure we will swim a few times though. We have a lot of work to do on our yard and house still and I’m sure some of that will fall in the summer too.

Happy last day of school for us and happy summer to you all!

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